Top Ten Cool Locksmith and Home Security Gadgets

Locksmith Gadgets from the Future

It seems that technology is moving at light speed these days, with mind-blowing developments occurring seemingly everyday. According to Moore’s Law, computing power increases at an exponential rate, improving by 2X every two years. Normal everyday gadgets are integrating digital capabilities and new innovations are constantly being made, and this is no different in the locksmith and home security industry.

Here are ten cool state of the art gadgets that are improving the way you secure your home, office, and possessions.

1. The Chain Lock… From The Future

Everyone has seen the typical chain lock on the front door of a home or apartment. Once you latch in the sliding piece, it only allows the door to open the length of the chain, allowing for once extra step of security. The company Winonly took the idea to the next level and created their home security lock.

Installing on the side of the door where the knob is located, the device can be locked by a few sliding switches. This device gives much more support and can withstand 800 pounds of pressure. No digital bells and whistles here, but it is an interesting improvement to our existing tools.

Winonly Home Security Lock

2. Open Sesame.. Connecting Your Lock to your Mobile Device

The August Smart Lock Pro is probably one of the most high-tech front door locks that is available for the home user. This futuristic lock allows you to connect your lock to your mobile device, either by Bluetooth or your home Wi-fi. This allows you to access your home by using your app, even when you are not near your home. Perfect for when someone is locked out of your home, and you need to give them access.

3. Ding Dong Hitch… Your Door Bell to the Cloud

door bell connected to the cloud

Ring has created the door bell of the future by slapping it a HD camera on it and connecting it to the cloud. When someone is at the door, the camera will begin streaming to the cloud, which you can watch and even respond to through your mobile device. This can have security benefits, as potential home invaders will think that there is somebody home. The camera footage can also be recorded in the cloud and watched later.

4. 54-46 was my number…Access Granted

Some people may not need everything in their house hooked up to the internet. However these people may appreciate the Kwikset 92640-001. This deadbolt has a simple keypad with numeric digits, which allows you to gain access via a passcode that you designate. It has an electric motor which then opens the lock. It also has a traditional keyhole, which you can use in case the digital mechanism is broken.

5. Deadbolt from the Future

Similar to the August Smart Lock Pro the Schlage Z-Wave Connect touch screen allows you to connect your front door lock to your mobile device. This allows you open your door with your mobile phone or anywhere your have internet access. It also offers a touch screen where you can input to open the lock. A great feature is also the alarm system, which can be set to be triggered if an unwanted person is trying to open your door by force. Some great innovations from a trusted name brand in the lock and home security world.

Futuristic Deadbolt

6. Bikes, Thieves, and Locks… Oh My!

bike alone, vlunerable to be stolen

Bicycles tend to be one of the most common items that are targeted for theft. Bikes can be easy targets, with low security, high value, and is a built-in getaway vehicle. The problem has gotten so bad in some areas, the police can’t deal with the number of reported cases. If you want to protect your bike, the responsibility is up to you. The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1415 chain could be a great solution, as it is made of Manganese Steel. Manganese steel is often used in mining and heavy machinery and requires special tool like diamond or carbide. Enough to deter the common thief.

7. Showtime! The Lockbox that’s Ready for the Big Lights!

Here’s a cool gadget that is marketed toward real estate agents but has some use for the home as well. A lockbox is a small container that can contain a key to your house and is usually placed on your door knob. The lockbox is traditionally opened by inputting a code. The Showing time by Masterlock connects to your smart phone and Wifi. This allows the user to customize who has access to the property via the corresponding app. Perfect for real estate agents who must show their homes.

8. No More Bubbly For You!

As far back as there were rowdy high school kids and parent’s alcohol, there was always the danger of under aged drinking. The Bottle Lock is a nifty combination lock that fits on like a cap on your alcohol bottle. With a rotating 4-digit password access, this is a great deterrent for teens looking to access your stash. I can’t wait for the day when we can connect this to our mobile devices!

Combination lock for your alcohol bottles.

9. Beep, boop, beep…. Fingerprint scan complete… Access Granted

From James Bond to Mission Impossible, spy films have often used biometric access devices to be super cool. And they were! We must be in the future now, because you can simply go to Best Buy, and purchase the Barska Large Biometric Safe. This heavy duty safe has enough memory to remember up to 120 finger prints to gain access. Perfect to protect valuables in your home or office.

Biometric Safe from BestBuy

10. He’s Leaking Battery Fluid! Robot’s in Our Home

The last entry in our list of gadgets is not mean exclusively for home security, but it is the most Sci-fi. From Short Circuit to Star Wars, Hollywood has always promised that robots will walk amongst us, (and hopefully make our lives better. The Aido, a home robot that is being funded as an Indie Gogo project, is one of the first robots that will hit consumer homes. One of his functionalities will be to patrol your home. You can program it to take specific actions if detects any intruders!

Technology has become an integral part of our day to day lives, and the locksmith and home security industry is no exception. From simple new innovations in time tested tools, to straight up robot friends wandering through our living rooms, we seem to be living in the future now that sci-fi writers only dreamed about years ago.



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